Our Ladera Ranch General Dentistry Services Know About Gum Disease

By November 11, 2016December 28th, 2018Blog, Periodontic Services

Here at 7 Day Dental, we pride ourselves on having professional and affordable Ladera Ranch General Dentistry services. That means we look after a variety of dental issues that anyone in your family can face including the number one enemy for anyone looking to keep their smile lovely, gum disease.

Ladera Ranch General Dentistry ServicesEven if you’ve never heard them before, the common names for gum disease are spooky enough that you’ll want to avoid them any cost. For example, gingivitis is gum inflammation and it’s usually the first stage that winds up in the more serious of the two which is called periodontitis.

So the idea is to stop either one of these in their tracks before they have a chance to do some real damage and we can help. If you’re looking to get a good understanding of gingivitis then you need to know about how plaque can build up on your teeth even if you’re brushing and flossing properly.

Regular trips to our general dentistry practice in Ladera Ranch can help you to avoid those unpleasant scenarios where your gums can start to bleed during regular brushing. Here’s a few things you might not have known about how this evil duo of gingivitis and periodontitis get started.

For example, did you know that?

  • The kind of food that you eat can actually start up a reaction in your mouth that winds up in gum disease if left untreated? When the starches and sugars in some foods interact with the bacteria in your mouth, plaque forms on your teeth and you’ve started down the road to gum disease. Keep in mind our Ladera Ranch General dentistry office prides itself on individual treatment for each and every one of our clients.
  • That way we can fill you in on some further facts on how gum disease starts and treat the early stages accordingly before it becomes a bigger issue. For example, plaque that stays on your teeth longer than a few days hardens into tartar and that needs to be professionally removed.


Risk Factors

Our Ladera Ranch General Dentistry professionals can treat dental emergency cases and at the same time offer some of the best professional dentistry in the business. We like our clients to be well-informed and that’s why we will be more than happy to spend some time discussing the risk factors for gum disease that include smoking, old-age, diabetes and even substance abuse. Why not get in touch with us today so we can work out a routine that will keep gingivitis and periodontitis away from your lovely smile?