Ladera Ranch Oral Surgery Recovery Tips

By July 14, 2020August 16th, 2020Blog, Oral Surgery Services

Make no mistake about it. Even though Ladera Ranch oral surgery will benefit your health, it involves removing and cutting into tissue in your mouth. You might be looking to have dental implants or a root canal treatment done. Of course, there are many other situations where you will need oral surgery.

Here are a few simple recovery tips to help the healing process.

  • Ladera Ranch Oral Surgery Laguna WoodsFollowing all of our postoperative instructions is essential. We know the best recovery path for you.
  • Resting on the day after your oral surgery is important. You need to recover and if you decide to lie down, make sure your head has some pillows underneath. This will reduce swelling in the surgical area and your face. Propping your head up will also reduce the amount of bleeding.
  • Try not to rinse your mouth for at least 24 hours after Ladera Ranch oral surgery. There might even be a little oozing and bleeding from the area. It’s best if you can ignore a bad taste in your mouth for a short time after the surgery.
  • Once the bleeding has subsided, you can start eating soft foods. For the first day or two, stick to liquids and satisfying options like smooth soups, mashed potatoes, yogurt and ice cream.

Tips for Things to Avoid After Ladera Ranch Oral Surgery

You also need to know about the things to avoid after oral surgery. It’s important not to suck on the wound or chew on the gauze pad inside your mouth. Stay away from strenuous exercise for several days after your operation.

You’ll need to do without hot liquids like tea and coffee at first. Keep in mind, any hot liquid increases the flow of blood in your mouth. Drinking hot soup can actually cause bleeding.

Swelling may occur for the first day after your operation. This can even last for seven days. Bruising can follow and last for up to 10 days afterwards.

Swollen Area

Don’t apply any heat to a swollen area right after surgery. This will make the situation worse. It could be hard for you to open your mouth after the procedure. Your jaw muscles could be sore. If that’s the case, don’t force your jaw open. We recommend massaging your jaw area with a moistened facecloth.

It’s best to stay away from chewy foods for several days after Ladera Ranch oral surgery.

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