Laguna Hills Emergency Dentist Tips

By September 4, 2017Blog, Emergency Dentistry

Try as we might, it’s very difficult to plan for life’s little emergencies. That’s why our Laguna Hills emergency dentist is available 365 days a year. You might be an active person who chips a tooth playing baseball. It’s possible you can just as easily be the victim of a household accident that knocks a tooth out.

Either way, we are here to help at 7 Day Dental.  That said, here’s a few tips on how to get through a dental emergency.

  • Laguna Hills Emergency Dentist Orange CountyFirst off you’ll want to save any pieces of your missing tooth. It’s a good idea to rinse your mouth with warm water and rinse off any pieces of the tooth that you can salvage. It’s also critical that you don’t put aspirin or any medication near the wound as it could burn your gums.
  • If you’ve knocked a tooth clean out,  our first tip is to make sure that you can find it. The Laguna Hills emergency dentist services we have are experts that can work wonders, but you’ll need to do your part. You should rinse the tooth off holding it by the crown. To transport it to our offices, you can put it in a cup of milk or a glass of water with some salt in it.
  • If you’ve got something caught between your teeth you can’t dislodge with dental floss, come and see us right away. It’s never a good idea to try and knock that thing out with something sharp. We are the experts here at  7 Day Dental that will help you preserve your beautiful smile.


It’s always possible that a dental emergency will have nothing to do with a chipped or missing tooth. An abscess is an infection on the inside of your mouth that usually starts around the gums or the bottom part of your teeth.

As well as damaging your teeth and the tissues that hold them in including your gums, an abscess can actually spread infection to other parts of your body and cause further damage.

Our Laguna Hills emergency dentist services can look after each and every scenario you might run into that requires emergency treatment. We are professional and compassionate. Our goal is to make sure that you get quality dental health care regardless of your ability to pay up front . Why not get in touch with us today?