Laguna Hills Geriatric Dentistry Tools We Use

By October 23, 2017August 11th, 2018Blog, Geriatric Dentistry

Sometimes our Laguna Hills geriatric dentistry patients might feel a little apprehension before they come to visit us. That’s only normal and to help them feel more comfortable we’ve put together a list of the tools of the trade we use.

Basically, there are only a few different types of tools that are common in our offices. Once you understand how relatively simple things are, you’ll have less anxiety about visiting us. After all, our main goal is making sure that you keep a beautiful smile in your golden years.


Mouth Mirror

Laguna Hills Geriatric Dentistry Orange CountyIf you talk to almost anyone about what they expect from a dentist, you’re more than likely hear all about the handheld mirror. It’s a common instrument used to look inside the mouth in those spaces your dentist can’t see with their naked eye.

When our Laguna Hills Geriatric dentistry patients come in to see us, we want to make sure we can look under their tongue and in every corner of their mouth. That’s why  you’ll see we have the most up-to-date mouth mirrors in our collection.


Laguna Hills Geriatric Dentistry Dental Probes

Of course there are some other familiar instruments that you’ve probably seen before. The collection of dental probes that we have at our offices might look a little intimidating. However, they are really excellent tools that are highly useful.

Generally there are three different types. The straight probe is used to check cavities. The Briault probe is important to find tartar that’s hidden in gum pockets. Finally the periodontal probe is used for more subtle uses inside the mouth. It’s not as sharp as the other two so it can explore a little more freely.



These are useful little gadgets that help to remove tartar and plaque from your teeth and gums. It’s important as you age to make sure you keep your teeth and gum line as clean as possible. Regular visits to our dental offices can help you to keep your smile for a lifetime.


Rotary Tools

These are the tools that you will hear whirring in the background while you’re sitting in the waiting room. Even though these dental drills are responsible for most of the anxiety, they also do tremendous good. These tools are responsible for filling cavities and even repairing chipped teeth.

Our Laguna Hills Geriatric dentistry practice is always available to answer any and all of the questions that you might have.