Laguna Hills Orthodontics: You’re Never Too Old For Straight Teeth

By October 9, 2017August 11th, 2018Blog, Cosmetic Dentistry, Orthodontic Services

When older people contemplate getting crooked or misaligned teeth fixed, they think it’s the domain of younger folks. However our Laguna Hills orthodontic services look after a variety of older adult needs in this area. Getting your teeth straightened can improve both your self-esteem and your overall dental hygiene.

Laguna Hills Orthodontics Orange CountyIf you are an older adult considering braces to get the smile you want, there are some things you should know.

First off, you are not alone. The American Association of Orthodontists did a survey in 2014 and found that older adults make up a high percentage of the people looking for braces.

Getting older doesn’t mean you need to neglect your oral health. In fact, there are cosmetic dentistry services specifically geared for older adults who want to keep their teeth healthy and looking great.

However, there are a few issues that older adults need to consider. These include:

  • The fact that older people are prone to gum disease like periodontitis. Having regular checkups will help to stay ahead of any developing issues. This makes it easier for seniors to get all the advantages from cosmetic dentistry services like veneers.
  • Dentin loss is another situation older adults suffer from frequently. Sometimes, when a tooth cannot be saved, a dental implant is a great option.
  • Gum recession. If this is caught in the early stages, it can actually be reversed so cosmetic dentistry procedures take hold.


There are several Laguna Hills cosmetic dentistry procedures that are excellent for older adults.

You might be looking for that brilliant smile you had years ago. Tooth whitening is a great way to restore a radiant smile. Bonding is another cosmetic dentistry procedure with great results. Applying a natural tooth colored substance over chips and cracks makes everything look great again.

If your teeth are a little misshapen or you have some of the cracks that come with age, veneers are another option. These tiny sheets of porcelain are perfect for covering small imperfections.

Our Laguna Hills cosmetic dentistry services are great for older adults. If you’re looking for the bright smile you had years ago, these processes will help you to get it back again. Today’s seniors can benefit from innovations in cosmetic dentistry.