Laguna Woods Dental Crowns Have Distinct Advantages

By January 3, 2017December 28th, 2018Blog, Cosmetic Dentistry

The Laguna Woods dental crowns that we offer are a sure-fire way to get the fit, color, shape and size made right to your specifications. Our number one priority here at 7 Day Dental is always patient satisfaction and we pride ourselves on being your complete family dentistry in Laguna Woods specialist for a variety of different needs
Dental crowns have some distinct advantages over other options including the fact they only require a relatively simple procedure. As well, porcelain dental crowns are often preferred because they can match the color of a natural tooth as closely as possible.

There are a few steps to making sure this dental treatment gets done properly and will last for years to come and here’s a brief rundown of what you can expect from our Laguna Woods dental crowns procedure.

  • Laguna Woods Dental Crowns Orange CountyIt’s important for us to make room for your crown and to make sure it’s got the right area to sit in and fit snugly. That’s why one of the first parts of the procedure is to file down the tooth or teeth where we need to make space. The amount of tooth we remove is highly dependent on the type of crown we will be using. If that sounds a little worrisome there’s no need to fret, it’s completely painless and everything will be anesthetized before we start the work.
  • Next, we like to make an impression of the tooth like an artist might. Getting the right size crown that will fit perfectly and last for years to come is an important aspect and we like to send our impressions away to a trusted lab so we can be sure of the results.
  • Once that new dental crown comes back from where it gets manufactured, our 7 Day Dental expert team can remove the temporary appliance and put in your brand-new dental crown.

Our Laguna Woods dental crowns are both restorative and part of a cosmetic dentistry service. It’s exhilarating to us when we can help you with a damaged tooth and actually improve your smile at the same time. If you practice a routine of proper dental care, the dental crowns we use can last for up to 30 years. It’s a wonderful investment in a beautiful smile and a great way to boost your confidence and save your teeth at the same time.

Getting in touch with us is easy and we’d be more than happy to answer all of your questions about dental crowns in Laguna Woods.