Laguna Woods General Dentistry Has A Rich History

By November 16, 2016August 12th, 2018Blog, Service Articles

When you or a family member enters our Laguna Woods General Dentistry office, you’ll see that we have state of the art technology and a modern atmosphere for you to enjoy. We’ve gone out of our way to make sure that we have all of the innovative technologies that you expect from a modern dental office. However, we think you might find it interesting to know our dental professionals come from a long history of qualified experts who look after your smile.

In fact, the history of dentistry goes back a lot farther than most of the people who sit in our modern dental chairs can imagine. Here’s a few signposts from the history of dental practices.


  • Laguna Woods General DentistryIt might seem almost impossible when you are getting one of our modern dental implants in Laguna Woods, but the history of dentistry can be traced back 5000 years. A Sumerian text even mentions the sickness called “tooth worms,” in an ancient scroll.
  • The earliest record of someone actually referred to as a dentist goes all the way back to 2600 BC. The tomb of the Egyptian physician Hesy-Re mentions the fact specifically that he dealt with people’s teeth. Many historians feel this makes him the very first dentist.
  • We understand that it’s a long way from ancient Egypt to our modern offices at 7 Day Dental where you can choose from a variety of different techniques to keep your smile bright. Our Laguna Woods General Dentistry offers services like scaling and root planing which are techniques that have been specifically designed to stop the advance of periodontal disease.
  • You may not have heard of a race of people called the Etruscans but you certainly have seen the modern form of their handiwork in the cosmetic dentistry we practice here 7 Day Dental. These are the people who first developed gold crowns and even fixed bridgework in 201 A.D.


As you can, see our Laguna Woods General Dentistry practice has a tradition well steeped in history. We accept most dental insurance plans and have convenient online forms for you to fill out to book an appointment. We pride ourselves on having clean comfortable and friendly offices as well as highly trained dental practitioners for a variety of your needs

We believe that everyone is entitled to professional dental care regardless of their means. We are always looking forward to your first or next visit and want you to get in touch with us today.