Laguna Woods General Dentistry Tips on Looking After Your Children’s Teeth

By November 8, 2022January 6th, 2023General Dentistry

Laguna Woods Family Dentistry looks after every member of your family. Following are a few proactive tips that can help them learn how to establish some excellent lifelong routines. Remember, children learn good habits from watching their parents.

Laguna Woods general dentistry likes to supply some brushing tips for parents that start early.  

  • For example, a good oral hygiene routine can start at birth. Parents can clean their child’s gums with water and a soft cloth.
  • A pea-sized amount of toothpaste is acceptable as soon as they turn two years old.
  • The kind of toothpaste that you use makes a big difference. Parents should only use ADA accepted fluoride toothpaste. You’ll need to watch your children and make sure they don’t swallow any of it.

Laguna Woods General Dentistry Tips for a Healthy Diet

Healthy teeth rely on healthy eating habits. A well-balanced diet looks after the soft tissues of the mouth and bones too.

It’s important to feed them a variety of different foods from the major food groups. Parents also need to remember that most snack foods cause decay.

Nutritious Snacks 

Here’s something you might not know. The longer some food stays in their mouth, the more the enamel on their teeth gets attacked. Children will snack, but it’s a good idea to choose nutritious foods. These can include things like low-fat cheese and yogurt as well as vegetables.

Of course, keeping your child’s oral health in good shape is about preventing cavities. Here’s a few more tips on that.

  • Make sure they get enough fluoride. Regular use of it will toughen up their enamel. That makes it harder for acids to penetrate an attack. If your town doesn’t have fluoride in the water, ask your dentist for supplements.
  • Mouthguards are another excellent way to make sure children keep a healthy bright smile. Custom fitted ones that are properly fitted work the best. They prevent chipped and broken teeth as well as injuries to the tongue, lips face and/or jaw.

7 Day Dental has a Laguna Woods general dentistry practice that provides your children with the very best dental care. Our experts guarantee an exceptional and enjoyable dental visit for your child. We have friendly personalities and years of experience. Making sure that your children have healthy beautiful smiles is our number one priority.

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