A Laguna Woods Orthodontics Primer

By January 16, 2017August 12th, 2018Blog, Orthodontic Services

Part of putting your best foot forward in any situation is having a beautiful smile that goes with your good attitude. It’s hard to enjoy your life and career in an unabashed way when you have crooked teeth and that’s why we have Laguna Woods Orthodontics services. Here’s a few words on why you should set aside some time to see one of our professionals in this area to treat malocclusion, or what’s often called a “bad bite.”


Crowded and crooked teeth are more than just embarrassing.

Laguna Woods Orthodontics Orange CountyUnderbites and overbites can cause a variety of other dental problems including tooth decay, gum disease and even lost teeth. Being proactive with this issue is always the best idea to maintain your smile for years to come and we can help. Providing the right kind of Laguna Woods orthodontics for a variety of age groups is one of the pillars of our complete dental services.
We offer the latest innovative techniques for children all the way up to older adults which include many different treatment options including emergency care. Why let a problem now become an even bigger worry in the future when we can help you set things right again?


Speaking of children…..

One of the things we pride ourselves on at 7 Day Dental are proactive dental services that can correct problems and catch them early. That’s one of the reasons that we suggest your children see an orthodontist in Laguna Woods for the first time no later than when they are seven years old. Even if you don’t see any issues, the jaw is still developing at this early age and corrections can be made more easily than if you wait.
However, that doesn’t mean that adults shouldn’t go and see these specialized dentistry professionals. In fact, people in their 60s and 70s can and will benefit from some of our straightening procedures.



Here at 7 Day Dental we are especially proud of the comprehensive Laguna Woods orthodontic treatments that we provide. From guiding impacted teeth so they can be useful and appealing to fixing bite problems of various kinds and everything in between, our services are designed to make you feel better about what’s going on inside your mouth.
Don’t forget that we have orthodontic treatments for adults too because recent studies have shown that one in five patients looking for these procedures is all grown up. You can take steps to improve your self-confidence at any age.