A Laguna Woods Orthodontist Overview

By April 20, 2018August 6th, 2018Blog, Emergency Dentistry, Orthodontic Services

Looking for an excellent Laguna Woods orthodontist? Well, you’ve come to the right place. We provide dental care that you can trust for a variety of age groups. Malocclusions are the enemy and we wage the war that results in you having a beautiful smile.


Here’s how:

  • Laguna Woods orthodontist AnaheimWe supply the kind of comprehensive orthodontic treatment that gets results. We are experts at being able to treat the problems that you’re having regardless of your age which includes fixing bite problems and aligning teeth.
  • We offer a variety of top-notch services that include space maintainers. It’s one of the ways that a spot where a permanent tooth should come in can stay open. If your child loses a tooth early because of an accident or other event, this is often the best route to take.
  • Our top-notch services also offer adults Laguna Woods orthodontist services. Research indicates that one in five patients is now an adult.


7 Day Dental is one of the finest family focused dental practices to be found anywhere in Orange County. Our dentists are always looking for the latest innovative techniques and constantly upgrading their skills. The administrative staff we have are all very highly trained and dedicated to 100% patient satisfaction.

We have a mission. That’s to present each and every one of our valued clients with the most affordable efficient daycare services possible. We also pride ourselves on offering complete dental services for each member of the family.

Perhaps best of all is our atmosphere which is caring and family-friendly. To round out the complete services we offer are an emergency dental facility that’s open seven days a week.


Why A Laguna Woods Orthodontist?

When it comes to our orthodontic services, there are several reasons why you need this.  First off, the services is designed to enhance the quality of life for many people. By making a smile that’s straight and bright, your local orthodontist can enhance your self-confidence.

Some patients have problems chewing because their teeth don’t align properly. When that situation is corrected, their overall health improves.

Here’s another excellent scenario where a good dentist comes into play . Some children grow up with misaligned jaws and suffered through daily pain. It’s important for young people to start their lives with a healthy smile.

We think it’s the right of every child to start life out on the best footing. That’s why we recommend Laguna Woods orthodontist treatments.