Laguna Woods Orthodontists For Both Parents And Kids

By April 26, 2017August 12th, 2018Blog, Orthodontic Services

Of course we are very proud of the Laguna Woods Orthodontists we provide for our valued clients, but we’re just as excited about the vast array of other things that make us special here at 7 Day Dental.



  • Laguna Woods Orthodontists Orange CountyThat our experienced and friendly staff are available for a number of different emergency dental situations. We guarantee we will be able to see you as an emergency patient within 30 minutes because our commitment to patient care is unwavering.
  • We have a commitment and dedication to each and every one of our patients that includes three points on a triangle. These are consideration, care and respect and you can count on finding each one of those in everything we do. Our doctors work as a team and collaborate on each situation to find the best possible outcome.
  • Our experience covers each and every aspect of Laguna Woods orthodontics as well as each area of general dentistry. We have everything that you’ll need for every member of the family from children’s dentistry all the way up to porcelain veneers and dental implants that are perfect for adults.
  • Our reputation speaks for itself. 7 Day Dental is proud of the fact that we provide care to over 50,000 patients across four locations and we would be more than happy to add you and your family to our ever-growing list of satisfied clients we treat like members of the family.


We are more than happy to treat each generation of your family with the finest Laguna Woods orthodontics procedures. In fact, we’ve taken the time to tailor make each of our services to your specific needs and age group because we understand that older people have a different set of requirements than the younger generation. If you’re worried about marginal bone loss in your jaw as you grow older, we have procedures and techniques that can remedy that situation.


Special set of requirements

Adult orthodontic patients have a special set of requirements that we are aware of and fully compliant with here at 7 Day Dental. It’s also been our experience that older patients are more concerned about their appearance than the younger set, and they suffer from a different set of hurdles when dealing with the discomfort of wearing some devices.

Our Laguna Woods Orthodontists services can be tailor-made to suit everybody in your family regardless of their generation. Why not get in touch with us today?