Laguna Woods Root Canal Q&A

By April 26, 2018August 5th, 2018Blog, Endodontic Services

We usually recommend a Laguna Woods root canal when the tooth has become infected or damaged. This is the procedure that you choose to save the tooth rather than having to extract it. The pulp that acts like a tooth’s nerve center is at the center of this kind of root canal.

Laguna Woods Root Canal Laguna HillsHere are a few reasons that you can suffer from infection that requires one of these processes.

  • You have a tooth that has a fracture or crack. People who play organized sports often suffer from one of these dental mishaps.
  • A deep cavity can also be the culprit. This is one of the best reasons for you to have regular dental checkups. If we find a cavity before it becomes a big issue, you can avoid a root canal.
  • Sometimes, dental procedures can make a root canal necessary. This is another great reason to stay in touch with our Laguna Woods root canal team.


If you ignore these situations, your tooth can become infected. Pain and swelling are two of the symptoms that can result in what’s called an abscess. If you have an infected tooth, there’s a possibility you could lose it unless the situation is treated.


How Many Visits for a Laguna Woods Root Canal?

This is a procedure that can’t happen during a routine dental checkup. Your dentist will need to plan for a subsequent visit. Or, they might even refer you to a specialist.  We have these experts called endodontists on staff here at 7 Day Dental.

What’s more, we pride ourselves on transparency. That means all the forms you’ll need are available on our website. You can even book an appointment there and find out if we take your dental coverage. Having a family friendly practice that covers all aspects of your dental health is our number one priority.


What to Expect from a Root Canal

Modern root canal treatments have come a long way. After taking x-rays, the dentist will begin the procedure by numbing the area with anesthetic. You may notice your tooth is sensitive for a few days after the operation.

That’s to be expected and nothing to worry about. Keep in mind that a proper root canal treatment should last the rest of your tooth’s life. A restored tooth is quite often as healthy as the original one. Our dental surgeons are industry-leading. What’s more, when you come in for a Laguna Woods root canal, we will walk you through the whole process and answer any of your questions.