Larry V. Robinson, DDS

Dr. Larry V. Robinson, DDS, started his general dentistry practice nearly 40 years ago in Fountain Valley, CA after he graduated from USC School of Dentistry.

Dr. Larry V. Robinson, DDSWith all these years of experience and a commitment to provide the best care to his patients, Dr. Larry is an easy going person. He is always ready to listen to his patients and help them make the best decisions regarding dental treatments.

After meeting Dr. Chuck Le, Dr. Larry decided to dedicate his time to work at 7 Day Dental. He now provides state of the art, comprehensive care to his patients at our Lincoln Ave office in Anaheim, CA.

He is currently a member of ADA (American Dental Association), California Dental Association (CDA), and American Endodontic Society.

He likes to spend his free time playing disc golf. His favorite pastime is snorkeling in tropical water. He also enjoys being disconnected from the everyday life once in a while and being closer to the raw nature. He appreciates the underwater life and often loves to snorkel in tropical water. Dr. Larry also enjoys deep sea fishing whenever his busy schedule allows him to get away from the mundane.

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