Foods That Could Harm Your Teeth

Your Food Intake Matters

foods that can harm your teeth

Although the hard candies appear harmless, eat a lot of them, and you will be damaging your teeth in no time. Hard sweeties also place your teeth in danger because, in addition to being filled with sugar, they may also cause a dental emergency like a damaged or chipped tooth.

Ice is Perfect for Chilling, BUT Not for Eating

foods that can harm your teeth - ice

You’d be amazed at the number of people who believe that ice will be good for their teeth. It’s made from water, in the end, and doesn’t hold any kind sugar or any other chemicals. But eating some hard ice cubes can leave the teeth susceptible to a dental emergency and harm enamel.

Be Careful with Citrus Intake

foods that can harm your teeth - citrus

The fact is that frequent exposures to acidic meals can wear away enamel, making your teeth weaker to decay with time. So despite the fact that a squeeze of lime or lemon can change an easy glass water right into a different kind of drink, it isn’t always the greatest option for the teeth. Citric fruits and juices may also irritate mouth sores. Make certain to consume lots of plain water after all.

Coffee is Not Always Good

foods that could harm your teeth

Within their natural form, tea and coffee could be healthy beverage options. Regrettably, so many people can’t resist adding sugar, which is one of the foods that could harm your teeth. Caffeinated tea and coffee may also dry up the mouth area and might also stain the teeth. Should you choose to consume, make certain to have a plenty of water to reduce your add-on low.

Sticky Meals is the Worst Nightmare

foods that can harm your teeth - candy

If this involves picking healthy snacks, lots of people choose dried fruit towards the top of their list. However, most of the dried fruits are sticky, and that can harm the teeth given a tendency to remain on your teeth longer kinds of food. When you are eating any kind of dried fruits frequently, make certain to rinse your teeth with water after and also to brush and start flossing carefully.

Watch out for Stuff that Goes “Crunch”

foods that could harm your teeth

Who does not love the great crunch of the potato chips? Since potato chips are full of starch, it has a tendency to get held in the teeth. If you enjoy snacks such as these, take special care by flossing your teeth on that day to get rid of all of the food contaminants that can result in plaque build-up.

Swap out Soda with Water


By consuming sugary meals or sip sugary drinks for lengthy amounts of time, plaque bacteria use that sugar to create chemicals that attack your enamel, hard the surface of your tooth. Most bubbly sodas, including diet soda, are acidic and for that reason, harmful to the teeth. Caffeinated drinks, for example, colas may also dry up the mouth area. Should you choose to consume sodas, regular sodas alongside a plenty of water.

Limit Drinking


Alcohol causes dehydration and dry mouth. Individuals, who have drink extremely alcohol, could find their saliva flow is reduced with time, which could lead to cavities and other dental infections for their gums and teeth as well, like increase the risk for oral cancer.

Be Careful with Sports Drinks


Sports drinks, are they healthy? However, for many sports and energy drinks, sugar is really a top component. Based on the American Academy of Paediatric medicine, while sports drinks could be useful for youthful sports athletes involved in prolonged, energetic activities, generally they’re not necessary. Before taking the next sip, look into the label to make certain your drink of preference is lower in sugar.