Many People with Missing Teeth Don’t Need Dentures

Orange County, CA – PRBuzz – Many people with missing teeth don’t need dentures, as suggested by a recent study conducted at the University of Adelaide, Australia. The purpose of this research was to determine whether people with missing teeth ALWAYS need dentures or not.

The findings of this research will have a major impact on patients and dentists. Patients might see their expenditures for dental care going down as they might be able to avoid dentures.  The study will also influence the policies for public dental health.


Having missing teeth doesn’t always degrade the quality of life

missing teeth

The research pointed out that many people ask their dentists for dentures because they feel their life quality has degraded. The research found out that this is not always the case. Missing teeth don’t necessarily disturb the quality of life, especially when the patient has a certain number of healthy teeth.

According to the findings of this latest research, patients need dentures when they reach a cutting off point. At this stage, missing teeth will start interfering with one’s quality of life.

This study by Adelaide University collected data from over 2,700 patients. With this data, the research team was able to provide an estimate that nearly 434,000 Australians could have avoided dentures as their dental problems would not be interfering with the quality of life.

Dr. Haiping Tan, who led the research team, claimed that dentures along with other conventional procedures have been considered as the only solution to the missing teeth. The purpose of this study was to suggest otherwise.

The findings of the team suggest that missing teeth could only interfere with the quality of life in certain cases. The patients and dentists should understand the following important factors.

  • The position of the missing teeth
  • The number of the missing teeth
  • Health of remaining teeth in mouth
  • Position of remaining teeth


With that being said, it is important to consult with a professional dental care service. And, if you are looking for the best dental care service in Orange County, CA, then make sure that you contact 7 Day Dental.


Options when you have missing teeth

When you have missing teeth, the following options could provide a relief.

Do nothing

As suggested by this study, many people don’t have to do anything when they lose teeth. However, if you are having trouble chewing or your remaining teeth aren’t healthy, you may have to consider the following options.

Traditional bridgework

Traditional bridgework has been a common solution to missing teeth in the past. However, with new and better options – thanks to modern dentistry technology – we don’t usually recommend this option at 7 Day Dental.


Implants are stable and look just like your natural teeth. They help you restore your smile, chewing ability, and improve the overall quality of life.

Usually, they are the best option for patients with missing teeth. You can have permanent or removable implants.

Composite and removable bridgework

Composite and removable bridgework doesn’t require putting metal in your mouth and it keeps the anchor teeth in relatively good position. However, it isn’t a perfect solution and we often recommend our patients an alternate procedure.