Why You Need Our Fullerton Children’s Dentistry Services

We want to work with you as parents to focus on a bright healthy smile for your children that lasts a lifetime. To that end, we’ve adopted some innovative procedures and techniques.

For example, we’re very proud of the fact 7 Day Dental makes the most of online innovation. Requesting an appointment is as simple as going to our website and selecting a location. We’ve also listed all of the insurances we accept in the same location. There are even most of the patient forms that you will need right on our website.

It’s important to start your children off on the right foot with the dentist. That’s why we’ve made our offices both friendly and comfortable. We’ve also put together some of the most innovative technologies in the field including The Healthy Start System.


Our Fullerton children’s dentistry philosophy

Fullerton children’s dentistry servicesWe take great pride in our staff. If you take a moment to look on our website, you’ll see the biographies and resumes of our dental practitioners and hygienists. Each and every one of these professionals is dedicated to creating and maintaining a compassionate and caring atmosphere for your children.


Continuing education

It’s important to us to treat each and every member of your family as if they were a member of ours. Continuing education is a large part of what we do here at 7 Day Dental. Every year, our dentists take courses in pedodontics so they understand all of the latest techniques.

It’s important to maintain the highest degree of oral health in your children. That’s why we are dedicated to making sure we identify any potential problems before they become large issues.


Your children’s dental health

We are here to answer each and every one of your questions. Your children’s dental health is a family experience and we want Mom and Dad to understand everything we do.

Don’t forget we cover all the bases when it comes to your children’s dental health and that includes our emergency services. Research has show that the number of dental emergencies is on the rise.

If your children are active and involved in sports, we can fix a knocked out or chipped tooth quickly and easily.

Our Fullerton children’s dentistry services are professional and thorough. What’s more.  each and every one of our dentists will tell you they have a personal interest in your child’s teeth at the same time.