New Proven Way for Painless Dental Implants Is Released

Anaheim, CA — (SBWIRE)  — A veteran dentist from 7 Day Dental in Anaheim, CA has successfully performed three difficult procedures for dental implant – all at once during a single visit minimizing the number of surgical procedures from 3 to 1.

Dr. Vinod Rana, one of the seasoned dentists at 7 Day Dental in Orange County, CA, did an extraction, bone graft and a dental implant all in one visit. His patient was very happy because she only had to endure the pain and injections once. It also saved her plenty of time because normally, the procedures can only be done one at a time to give the dental area time to heal.

However, under Rana’s expert care, he skillfully performed all the three procedures without causing undue stress and pain to the patient. She was of course, very thankful and appreciative of the kind dentist’s efforts.

dental implant and emergency dentist in Orange County - Dr. Vinod Ranadid

Vinod Rana, D.D.S.

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