We Offer Industry Leading Anaheim Endodontics

By September 5, 2016December 28th, 2018Blog, Endodontic Services

One of the priorities here at 7 Day Dental is to make sure each member of your family gets exactly the kind of procedures they need. We know how important a healthy smile is to self-esteem and how practicing good oral health helps you to maintain a positive outlook on life in general. That’s why we offer industry leading Anaheim endodontics to complement the variety of other dental services we’ve placed at your disposal. Understanding the symptoms that could make this specialized type of treatment necessary is important.

Here at 7 Day Dental, we offer top quality endodontics that are affordable and professional at the same time. If you suffer from any of these symptoms it might be time for you to see us:

  1. Industry Leading Anaheim Endodontics Orange CountyYou notice a pus filled pocket around one of your teeth. This is commonly called an abscess and it’s the kind of issue that needs to be resolved quickly and professionally. The dental professionals at 7 Day Dental understand how to fix this quickly with the proper root canal procedure.
  2. If you notice a strange odor around one of your teeth, you could have a problem that requires endodontics from our Anaheim offices.
  3. If the gums around any one of your teeth starts to swell, this is another classic symptom that you need dental help.

Like the other procedures that we offer here at 7 Day Dental, endodontics has some advantages for our patients that include:

  • The relief from the discomfort of an infection. Because we are a family friendly dental practice, one of our highest priorities is to stop any kind of suffering.
  • We are also interested in saving the tooth. If the procedure is carried out quickly enough, the chances go up that we can salvage all or a part of the infected tooth. Unfortunately, in more severe cases, we may need to extract it.
  • Improved dental functions. Once the infection has been dealt with properly, eating and talking is much easier.

Our endodontics practice in Anaheim is the place where you’ll get all the answers you need about this procedure. Our emergency services are available 365 days a year, and you can always book an appointment online using the convenient tab on our website. The expert staff at 7 Day Dental is committed to affordable high caliber dental procedures that include everyone in your family. You can call us anytime because we are committed to your complete oral health.