Orange County Dental Hygiene Tips for Toddlers

Many parents are curious about the right time to start an Orange County dental hygiene routine for their children. They wonder about the best way to start flossing and brushing their child’s teeth.

We tell them there’s a general rule to go by. Flossing and brushing can begin as soon as your child has teeth touching each other. Usually, this occurs somewhere between the ages of two and three.

Here’s a few other stages of their dental development you should consider. 

Baby’s First Tooth

Orange County Dental Hygiene AnaheimWhen your child gets their first tooth, it’s time to start brushing. A soft-bristled child sized toothbrush is best. Look for one with a cushioned head and start out using pea-sized dabs of toothpaste. It’s best to use the non-fluoridated kind. Early brushing should take place for two minutes, twice a day. This is the beginning of a solid Orange County dental hygiene routine children can carry with them for a lifetime.

From 2 to 4 Years 

It’s important to look after your child’s primary teeth. These are space holders for the adult teeth that will eventually follow. What’s more, they help children who are learning how to talk, smile and chew.

When your child reaches this age, you should use fluoridated toothpaste. There are some things to look for. First off, make sure the one you choose has the ADA seal. Children don’t need any kind of cosmetic ingredients. Parents should avoid toothpastes advertising whitening features which may contain abrasive elements.

Look for a toothpaste with a good flavor. Children don’t always like the way grown-up toothpaste tastes. Look for kid-friendly options where you buy your other dental hygiene products.

Up To 7 Years

Children can’t brush their own teeth effectively until they are about seven years old. You’ll need to help them floss and brush until they reach this age. If you make it a family event, your children will thrive on the routine. Evening and morning sessions are best. This is a good reminder to do your own flossing and brushing at the same time. 

Once your children start going to school, Mom and Dad will have less influence over what they eat. At this stage, it’s more important than ever to lead by example. 


Make sure to buy a toothbrush designed to look after your child’s dental needs as they grow. You want to choose one that’s gentle on their teeth and gums and makes it fun to brush.

One final tip for good Orange County dental hygiene has to do with snacks. Try and limit them to no more than three snacks between meals.

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