An Orange County Dental Veneers Overview

By July 4, 2018August 5th, 2018Blog, Cosmetic Dentistry

If you choose Orange County dental veneers, you’ll make certain you have a beautiful smile that lasts a lifetime. There are different reasons why you might want to get a dental veneer.

Orange County Dental VeneersSometimes, your teeth are misaligned because of a hereditary condition.

In other cases, people might chip or break a front tooth as a result of a sports injury. We see many patients coming into our cosmetic dentistry office to look at the option of veneers after an accident.

Whatever reason brings you through our front door, there are a few things you should know about this cosmetic dentistry procedure.

Dental veneers are very thin façades that go over your existing teeth. Because porcelain is much like your natural enamel, it is quite often used in these veneers. Like a lot of other cosmetic dentistry procedures, there are some misunderstandings about this particular approach. Here’s a list of the most common misconceptions about dental veneers.


Myth – Veneers are only placed on your front teeth

Many people think that veneers are only placed on the very front teeth in the upper jaw. However, some of our patients enjoy the work we’ve done on the top row of teeth so much, they’ve asked to have veneers placed across the bottom too. The result is a uniform beautiful smile.


Myth – Veneers Are Painful

There is a segment of the population who thinks that any dental procedure is painful and that’s just not the case. Our Orange County dental veneers are painless to put in. What’s more, our patients have the option of a local anesthetic if they feel anxious in any way. Keep in mind, we are always available to answer any of your questions before the procedure.


Myth – I’ll need to have my teeth filed down with veneers

We are always transparent about our cosmetic dentistry procedures here at 7 Day Dental. That’s why we tell all of our patients that there is some reshaping necessary with dental veneers. It’s important to us to try to save as much of the tooth as possible. We work to make sure any of the procedures necessary before the veneer gets placed are minimal.


Myth – Veneers Stick Out

Finally, there’s the misconception that veneers are so unnaturally white they stick out. The Orange County dental veneers we provide are customizable.