Orange County Emergency Dental Care and What Makes an Emergency

Our Orange County emergency dental care services are available for people who need them. However, sometimes there’s a little confusion about what actually makes up a dental emergency. Here’s a list of the most common problems we see on a regular basis.


Loose Teeth

It’s always a good idea to be proactive. That’s why we put loose teeth at the very top of our list of emergency dental care situations. Whether you loosen one of your teeth because of an accident or sports mishap, getting in to see us quickly can save the situation.

Although it might feel a little awkward if it’s off on an angle, we don’t think it’s a good idea to force it back into position.  It is a good idea to bite down gently to keep the tooth from falling out if it’s that loose.


Fractured Teeth

There are two different scenarios here. A chipped or fractured tooth isn’t usually a medical emergency unless the chip goes all the way down under the gum line. Of course, if you’re experiencing any kind of pain when you bite down, you should come and see our Orange County emergency dental care services right away.

If the chip isn’t that severe, you’ll need to come see us anyway but you can book an appointment. Keep in mind that this is an excellent opportunity to put together a dental hygiene routine that includes regular checkups.

We are always glad to see you here at 7 Day Dental.


Broken Appliances

This can be one of the more severe situations. If you’ve broken a dental appliance you can damage your other teeth and cause bleeding inside your mouth. These generally need to be fixed right away. Remember, our Orange County emergency dental care services offer a wide variety of qualified professionals. What’s more, we are a compassionate bunch who want to make sure that each and every patient leaves with their beautiful smile intact.

Of course, there are some dental emergencies that you don’t need to question. For example, a facial fracture or some broken teeth need to be looked at right away.

7 Day Dental prides itself on having some of the finest facilities in Orange County or anywhere else. We pride ourselves on compassion and transparency as well as all inclusiveness for all of our patients. Check out our Orange County emergency dental care services today.