Orthodontic Screening

Orthodontic Screening Recommendation

The American Association of Orthodontists recommends that you take your kids for orthodontic screening by the time they are 7 years of age.

Children start developing bite problems and crowding around age 7. It’s the ideal time to orthodontic screenings.

Remember, early treatment gives your child an advantage. It’s easy to reshape their jaw with proper tooth placement. Moreover, the shape of the dental arches is also improved and has the correct width. It allows your kids’ teeth to grow in proper place, allowing them to develop a confident smile.

Early orthodontic screenings can also help to control and improve the oral habits in kids. Newly erupting teeth can easily adhere to a pattern when your dentist can treat a potential problem at the earliest stage.

With early orthodontic screening, your kids will be able to develop self-esteem as they grow. They will smile with confidence and achieve a better overall appearance.

Does your kid need early orthodontic treatment?

Orthodontic screening

With early orthodontic screening, your kids will receive early orthodontic treatment for their dental problems. Here are some of the signs that your children might require orthodontic treatment.

  • Chewing or biting problems are usually due to orthodontic problems. If your kids have these problems, schedule orthodontic screening with your dentist.
  • If your child has speech impediments, it could be time to take him/her to a dental office for an orthodontic treatment.
  • When your kids keep sucking thumb/fingers after the age of 5, they are prone to develop dental problems during their teen years. Early orthodontic treatment could stop such dental issues before they disturb your child’s oral health.
  • If you have noticed that your child’s jaw shifts and adjusts when he/she opens or closes their mouth, he/she could need jaw correction. Since the bones start hardening by the age of 13 years, early orthodontic treatments could be the answer to solve these problems with ease.

Why early orthodontic screening is important?

Orthodontic problems begin at an early age. By the age of 13, most children lose their baby teeth. The jaw bones start hardening and it becomes tough to fix jaw and other orthodontic problems.

Here are some additional benefits of early screening.

  • Correct early orthodontic problems in children such as crowding of teeth, bad bites, and jaw problems
  • Avoid treatments that involve tooth extraction or oral surgery by taking your children to a dental office for orthodontic screening at an early age
  • It’s easy to guide the growth of the jaw at an early age when the bones are softer
  • Makes it easy to regular the width and expansion of dental arches
  • With early screening, it will be easy to guide the newly erupting teeth to correct positions
  • Correct harmful oral habits such as thumb sucking and allow your kids to develop teeth with proper spacing in between them
  • Reduce the chances of speech or swallowing problems that often result from incorrect teeth position and jaw problems
  • Boost self-esteem with a confident and bright smile


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