Our Orange County Child Orthodontist Talks Children’s Toothpaste

By August 6, 2018August 19th, 2018Blog, Orthodontic Services

The Orange County child orthodontist specialists we employ are a helpful, friendly lot. They keep an eye on the dental innovations that are important to children. Over the last few years, these specialists have noticed that there has been a growing variety of the number of toothpaste choices for children.

Here’s a few excellent ideas on choosing the best toothpaste for your kids.

  • Orange County Child Orthodontist AnaheimIf you start by understanding what toothpaste is, you’ll be able to pick the best kind. For example, parents should know that a good toothpaste should include fluoride, mild abrasives and an antibacterial agent. Establishing proper oral hygiene methods early is a good way to set your child on the right course for the rest of their lives.
  • Understanding why toothpaste is so important is essential. When you consider that the human mouth has tens of thousands of bacteria growing inside it, you’ll see why a good oral hygiene routine is essential. Bacteria leads to plaque and plaque could turn into cavities and a variety of different problems including gum disease in young children.
  • Our Orange County child orthodontist experts suggest that you choose a toothpaste that has the American Dental Association’s approval. Looking for this organization’s seal of approval on any product you buy ensures that it’s a key part of keeping your child’s smile bright. This particular seal also tells parents that the toothpaste has been scientifically tested.
  • It’s crucial to make sure the toothpaste you choose is age-appropriate for your child. Generally, that means you should stay away from any kind of harsh abrasives. Although these abrasives are critical to removing plaque and tartar from the teeth, they can also wear away at the enamel.

7 Day Dental is committed to making sure that we provide excellent dental care at every stage of your oral hygiene development. We make it our business to supply each and every one of our valuable patients with the very best dental care at an affordable rate. Our trained and experienced staff is there to help you with quality care, innovations and suggestions on improving your oral health care regimen.

Here’s the final tip of the kind of toothpaste you should be choosing for your child. Flavor needs to be a consideration because if your son or daughter likes it, they’ll be more likely to keep brushing. We have Orange County child orthodontist specialists on staff that can help.