Our Orange County Oral Surgeon Talks Floss

Here’s an interesting statistic on flossing from our Orange County oral surgeon research. Did you know that only 30% of Americans floss on a regular basis? Of course, we were a little concerned when we read this statistic. That’s why we’ve taken the time to put together an overview of flossing and how important it is to your overall dental health.


Floss Because Brushing Isn’t Enough

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Here’s one of the first big points we want to make. As much as we love to tell everyone they need to brush their teeth, we’re obligated to point out that brushing isn’t enough to keep that beautiful smile.

Most of the foods you like, even the ones you don’t, can break up into small particles that can get lodged between your teeth. That’s the big reason we stand behind flossing. Without it, those food particles can break down into bacteria and eventually cause decay.

One of our favorite sayings is: “Flossing once a day keeps tooth decay away!”


There’s Lots To Choose From

When you first start looking for the right floss for your needs, you might be a little overwhelmed at all the different varieties there are to choose from. For example, there’s unwaxed floss that’s specifically designed to fit into those tight spots between teeth where it might be a little crowded.

Waxed floss is one of the more popular types according to our Orange County oral surgeon team. As the name suggests, it has a waxed coating that makes it strong. Waxed floss usually does not break off or fray.


Dislodge Food Particles

For people who don’t like either of these choices, there are also water flossers available. They shoot a thin stream of water into the mouth and dislodge food particles. The American Dental Association has recently given the green light to this flossing technique and reports water flossers are effective at stopping plaque and gum disease.

In the end, it doesn’t matter which method you choose. Keep in mind, the longer food particles stay lodged between your teeth, the more chance there is for decay. Helping you put together a complete and thorough oral hygiene plan is our priority here at 7 Day Dental.

We pride ourselves on having a welcoming atmosphere. What’s more, our dental experts are constantly looking for the latest innovations in the field. That makes our Orange County oral surgeon team experienced.

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