What a Pregnant Woman Should Know About Her Baby’s Teeth?

Dental care is important even for an unborn baby.

Since baby teeth don’t appear until your child is a few months old, many mothers think they don’t need to worry about their unborn child’s teeth. The truth is that your baby develops primary teeth during the first ten weeks of prenatal development.

Mothers with tooth decay problem should take special care of teeth of their unborn baby as they are at a higher risk of developing tooth decay in the future. Deficiency of calcium and other essential minerals can kick-start the problem even before a child is born.

Apart from essential minerals, mothers who lack folic acid in their body during their pregnancy put their children at higher risk of developing dental and other birth defects.

Mothers not only need to think about the hormonal and mineral balance of their body to ensure the child is born with a lower risk of tooth decay, but they also need to avoid taking certain medications. For example, use of antibiotic tetracycline during pregnancy can cause baby teeth to discolor. Similarly, some other medications have similar effects on the dental health of your unborn baby.

Unborn baby teeth care

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Eating a diet rich in vitamins and minerals could benefit a pregnant woman and help safeguard the dental health of her baby.

Pregnant women who have cavities can reduce the risk of developing early tooth decay in their child by improving their own oral hygiene. By reducing the cavity causing bacteria in their mouth, they will have a lower chance of spreading these bacteria to their child. Here are some quick measures that dentists at 7 Day Dental recommend.

  • Schedule a visit with your dentist at the earliest to treat the cavities.
  • Make sure you brush and floss your teeth regularly as recommended by your dentist.
  • Avoid sweet and sticky candies and gums.

Pregnant woman suffers from a hormonal imbalance. In such situation, women’s body provides a favorable condition for gingivitis and other gum diseases. So, it’s important that expectant mothers undergo regular dental checkup. However, they should be very careful as x-ray exposure during dental procedures such as whitening and cleaning could result in health concerns for the baby and the mother.

At 7 Day Dental, we have complete facilities to treat expectant mothers. Our highly trained and qualified dentists understand the special needs of pregnant women, and therefore they always provide the right advice.

Tips for expectant mothers

7 Day Dental recommends the following general tips for expectant mothers to care for the dental health of their unborn baby.

  • Increase the intake of calcium. It’s a vital mineral for the growth of our teeth and other bones. If you lack calcium in your bloodstream, it will disturb baby development. Make sure you eat foods such in calcium such as broccoli, kale, and dairy products.
  • Phosphorous is another essential mineral that plays a vital role in bone development. Since it’s found in a variety of foods, it’s easy for pregnant women to consume enough quantities of this mineral by eating a balanced diet.
  • Expose your body to the sunlight so that it can make vitamin D. This vitamin allows your body to absorb calcium and phosphorous into the bloodstream. Since only a handful of foods contain this essential vitamin, pregnant women are often advised to take vitamin D supplements.
  • Seek professional dietary guidance to maintain the balance of minerals and vitamins in your body during the pregnancy. This will ensure that your child is born with healthy teeth and gums.

Don’t hide the news of your pregnancy from your healthcare professionals. Let your dentist know it so that he or she can advise you on taking care of your unborn baby’s teeth at 7 Day Dental.

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