Proactive Ladera Ranch Endodontics Tips

By January 19, 2017August 12th, 2018Blog, Endodontic Services

We have a comprehensive Ladera Ranch endodontics service that includes all of the latest and most efficient technologies including tooth root amputation and of course root canal. At 7 Day Dental we also supply Ladera Ranch endodontic treatments for emergencies and other traumatic injuries that affect your teeth.

We like to think that we have all the bases covered when you’re looking for this specialized treatment and we’d even like to add some proactive tips that will help you keep your smile natural and alluring for a lifetime.

  • Ladera Ranch Endodontics Orange CountyRemember that, try as we might, the dental profession hasn’t come up with a substitute for the natural tooth. So you should always choose the root canal therapy over an appliance like a bridge, denture, or implant when possible.
  • You should never try and cut corners with an extraction because it never works out as a time saver in the long run. While the extraction itself might be quicker than a root canal treatment, getting fitted for the braces and dentures that come after losing your natural teeth are always more time-consuming.
  • If you’re not already a patient here at 7 Day Dental and your dentist recommends an extraction, come and see our Ladera Ranch endodontic professionals. These are the experts that have at least two years of extra education that centers around all the latest root canal techniques. If you’re looking for up-to- date information and professional guidance, these specialists are the way to go.


It’s important that you understand that root canal has come a long way and is a modern procedure now that doesn’t deserve any of the stigmas that stuck to it from years ago. For example, today’s modern endodontic treatments in Ladera Ranch use of effective anesthesia makes the entire process almost painless.

Keep in mind that if you’re suffering ongoing problems with your teeth, it’s time to contact an endodontic professional. For example, if you suffer with a lingering pain that lasts for longer than 30 seconds when you are eating cold or hot foods, you might have a serious problem.

This is usually a sign that the physical pulp inside your tooth has been damaged and needs to be extracted with the root canal. If you find that that same tooth is giving you constant pain, it could very well be abscessed and the surrounding tissue and bone may have been infected as well.