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By January 13, 2017December 28th, 2018Blog, Orthodontic Services

If your teeth or smile isn’t exactly where you think it should be and you’re suffering from some kind of improper positioning or alignment, we can help with our professional Orange County orthodontics services. Like a lot of other dental techniques available at our bright and friendly offices, there are some misconceptions around exactly who’s best suited to these techniques that provide a healthier mouth, stronger teeth and a better appearance.


Orange County OrthodontistsMyth#1: Orange County Orthodontics are only for younger people

The reality is nothing could be further from the truth. Aligners are a great alternative to more traditional braces for adults because these can be removed so you can keep up your oral hygiene routine. If you suffer from common dental misalignments like a crowding or an overbite, we can help at any age.


Myth#2: Retainers, Braces and Aligners Are Complicated

While there are a few things that you should be doing differently when you’re undergoing one of our Orange County orthodontics treatments, the maintenance and routines are pretty much the same as the ones you should always be following. If you’re wearing braces, you might want to swish your mouth with some water to loosen any food before you brush. You should still be flossing. However, there are a few foods that dentists are becoming more concerned about whether you’re wearing braces are not.


The usual suspect foods

These include the usual suspects like sugar laden soft drinks, fruit drinks to some extent and even those sports drinks that promote themselves as giving you more energy. There are even some foods that are otherwise good for you but can wind up bending wire and bracket base braces.

That’s why when you’re undergoing one of our Orange County orthodontics treatments it’s best to stay away from hard nuts. Carrots and apples are fine but you should try and dice them into more manageable chunks before you eat them and chewing gum and caramel type candies are strictly off-limits.

With a variety of different types of braces and aligners, we also offer emergency dental services so that you have a complete package of everything you’ll need for complete oral care. Please keep in mind that everything we do here is designed to prevent any kind of malocclusion or other dental issue you’re having from getting worse.

Our Orange County orthodontists are always at the ready to help you with the kind of healthy oral development that will last a lifetime.