Root Canal Answers From Your Anaheim Endodontist

By December 14, 2020December 17th, 2020Blog, Endodontic Services

As your Anaheim Endodontist, we have noticed there are some misconceptions about root canal treatments. These false claims create confusion and fear and in a worst-case scenario, they cause people to delay seeking the right treatments.

Some patients can even lose what are otherwise treatable teeth. Consistent information about root canal treatments is important to make sure patients get accurate data.

For example, some patients have actually heard a root canal treatment is not safe. That’s not true at all because this treatment is an effective and safe option for treating dental pulp that has become infected or inflamed. This procedure can also be used to help restore or save a tooth.

Don’t trust any information from sources that aren’t credible. There are claims circulating that root canal treatments aren’t safe. Those are based on data that’s over a century old and has been debunked.

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Some patients wonder if they can get sick from root canal treatments. The answer is an emphatic no. This treatment does not cause any kind of illness. Any claims that it does come from nonscientific sources that can’t be trusted.

The same goes for the false claim stating that a root canal can cause cancer. Any data that crops up online making this argument is false. On the other hand, The Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA Otolaryngology) has reported a person’s risk of contracting cancer doesn’t change at all after having a root canal treatment.

 In fact, the research found that peoples’ risk of cancer actually dropped 45% after several root canal treatments.

Other claims state these procedures end up failing more often than not. Once again, hard scientific evidence debunks this myth. In fact, the American Dental Association reports that there are 25 million of these treatments done effectively and safely every year in the United States.

Details Around The Procedure 

Look for an Endodontist that takes Denti-Cal / Medi-Cal and don’t forget to ask them about the details around the procedure.

There have been many different investments in radiographic imaging, techniques, equipment and diagnosis recently. The process is all about removing injured or infected pulp from inside the tooth and the roots.

Keep in mind the spread of false information about root canals can delay your finding the right Anaheim Endodontist.

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