Root Canal Therapy

Root Canal Therapy
The pulp of your teeth is important to the health of each individual tooth and your overall dental health care. Root canal therapy becomes important when this pulp dies. Because you’ve either booked an appointment to have this procedure done or have pulp in one of your teeth that’s infected, we want you to have a primer about how everything will work.

Over the years, innovative techniques in root canal therapy have made it a comfortable procedure that can save your infected tooth and keep your overall dental hygiene at its peak. At the center of any discomfort you might be feeling now is the infected tooth pulp which is a soft tissue inside your tooth.

This pulp runs the entire length of your tooth from the top all down through the middle to the roots. When you understand that, it’s easy to see why when it gets infected you need to do something.

Decay or even trauma like a chip in the enamel can cause infection to set in. When bacteria gets past your enamel, it sometimes attacks the pulp and causes it to die. Root canal therapy starts with a comprehensive exam to find any of the infected parts. This process removes the infected pulp and saves the tooth.

Don’t forget, you can go to our website and read the full article on root canal therapy and watch the video there too! It’s important to us that every patient gets the information they need to feel at ease with our professional procedures.

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