Safe Foods to Eat After Orange County Wisdom Teeth Removal

There is no doubt that your mouth is going to be a little tender after an Orange County wisdom teeth removal procedure. Your gums and your tongue are going to feel a little sore. Still, you’re going to need to eat some healthy foods.

That’s why we’ve put together a list of safe foods to eat after Orange County wisdom teeth removal.



Orange County Wisdom teeth removalWe thought we’d put the most fun food right at the top of our list. You need to make sure that you’re getting your nutrients even after a tooth extraction, that’s why smoothies are good choice. They have the recommended dose of vegetables and fruits if you mix them properly.

We also like to suggest that you add a secondary product to your smoothies so it gives you a balanced nutritional kick. Here’s another good tip. Any dairy product that you add to the drink will neutralize the acidic effect of the fruits that you put in before. That way your gums won’t be irritated.


Luke Warm Soup

We will bet some of the items on this list are making you hungry even if you’re not planning on having your wisdom teeth out. Temperature is everything when you’re deciding on how to eat some soup. If it’s too hot, you can aggravate the surgery site and the nerves underneath.

It’s a good idea to choose the varieties that don’t have all lot of food you’ll need to chew. If you’re looking to start a new health regime, the days after Orange County wisdom teeth removal is a great time to begin.

For example, choosing healthy soups with good organic ingredients can start you healing and off on the right track to a healthier you.


Ice Cream

Having a wisdom tooth out means that you will need to make some concessions. On the other side of that coin, you’ll be able to treat yourself with some ice cream during the recovery process.

Here’s a good suggestion for those early stages of recovery. If you choose a yogurt/ice cream mixture, the chances are there won’t be any chunks of candy inside to irritate your surgical site.

Finally, here’s another helpful tip that you can file under healthy foods to eat after wisdom tooth surgery. Scrambled eggs are an excellent choice to fill your stomach.

We hope these Orange County wisdom teeth removal tips will help you through the recovery process without compromising your taste buds too much.