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For those who have never experienced sedation dentistry in Orange County, have a fear of going to the dentist. Many people run away from their dentists, never to go to a dental office again.

Some people are afraid of the pain that is caused by the surgery, but there are some others who are afraid for no reason. It’s dental phobia. This kind of phobia makes a person suffer extreme anxiety and panic from a dental checkup.

If you are one of those people who are afraid of their dentist and avoid dental checkups because of the fear and anxiety, then there is good news for you.

Now, you can have a fearless and painless dental experience at our Anaheim office on Lincoln Av thanks to a new technique known as sedation dentistry or sleep dentistry. This is a technique that can help you cope with your dental fear and anxiety.

What is Sedation Dentistry?

Sleep dentistry involves the use of sedative medicines and painkillers during any surgical process. With the use of these sedatives and sleep-inducing medications, the person under examination can relax and hence, feels less nervousness during dental surgeries.

Even during minor checkups, the use of these medicines can be carried out for those patients who have an extreme phobia and fear of dental procedures.

People often misinterpret the term of ‘Sedation Dentistry’. They think that in this technique, the person undergoing the dental process is not conscious of whatever is happening around.

People often misinterpret the term of ‘Sedation Dentistry’. They think that in this technique, the person undergoing the dental process is not conscious of whatever is happening around.

It’s not true.

Our Anaheim sedation dentistry professionals understand the concerns and misconceptions of their patients. It is not necessary that a person undergoing sedation dentistry or sleep dentistry is sleeping or unconscious. Usually, the patient is conscious of the surroundings and himself but there are, nevertheless, some cases where the patient is completely unconscious.

Our Orange County Sedation dentistry has the following advantages that make it such a popular choice.

  • Keeps your nerves relaxed
  • Takes out your fear of a dental procedure
  • You won’t feel restless during long and complicated dental procedures

Levels of Sedation

The sedation methods used to relieve the fear anxiety during a dental process vary from person to person.

These levels can be differentiated from one another on the basis of consciousness of a person and the type of sedative used.

Normally, it is the responsibility of a dentist to select the level of sedation required for one particular person; however, sometimes a patient can also request to use the sedation method and level of his or her own choice.

Depending upon the type and level of sedatives used, the sedation is of 3 types or levels. These are as follows:

Mild/Inhaled Sedation:

This is a mild level of sedation and is also sometimes referred to as Anxiolysis. This type of sedation only involves the inhalation of nitrous oxide or “laughing gas”, which relieves the anxiety of patient. This nitrous oxide also induces some sort of tingling or numbness and also evokes an overall feeling of goodness and relaxation in the patient.

Oral Sedation:

With oral sedation, your doctor can control the level of sedation from minimal to moderate. Your anesthetic will administer oral medication, typically Halcion, an hour or so before the surgery. With this level of sedation, the patient will be awake but drowsy. To induce moderate sedation, your doctor will administer a larger amount of this medicine.

Moderate Sedation:

It is an Intermediate level of sedation and it involves taking the consciousness of a patient to such a depressed level that he or she can independently breathe and control him or herself and can also give minor responses to verbal queries and communication as well. In moderate sedation, the sedation is generally produced by orally directing the medication to the patient. This oral sedation is either given right before the treatment or a night before the checkup.

Deep Sedation and General Anesthesia:

Deep Sedation is the highest level of sedation and is marked by complete unconsciousness of the patient. The patient is completely unaware and can’t do anything during deep sedation. Deep sedation is acquired through intravenous sedatives. These are administered in the form of an injection in patient’s veins.

Why sedation dentistry is called the sleep dentistry

Sometimes, we refer to the term ‘sleep’ instead of ‘sedation’ for this particular method. The word sleep is a little bit misleading as the person undergoing a specific dental procedure is not actually sleeping during this process.

It is due to the effect of sedative that a person feels dizzy and sleeps.

Sometimes, it is also possible for the patient to be fully awake during the whole procedure without feeling dizzy or giddy.

During this type of sedation process, the patient only feels extremely relaxed and will also not remember much about the process once it is completed.

The most important point is that if a dentist if using general anesthesia for a dental process, that process will NOT be called as the sedation dentistry. This is because of the fact that the general anesthesia cannot be included in the category of sedative medications at all.

Sedation dentistry is an extremely beneficial process. Among its numerous benefits, the most amazing one is that it enables a very long dental process to be carried out in such a way that a patient feels as if it was just for some minutes.

Due to this effect, even a long and complex dental procedure can be carried out in a few visits. People all across the globe are taking advantage of this extremely amazing dental technique for a smooth and soothing dental experience.

At our Anaheim office on Lincoln Ave, we are fully equipped to carry out dental surgeries that require sleep dentistry. Our Anaheim sedation dentists are trained and qualified to administer different types and levels of sedation.

Is it safe?

Where sleep dentistry or sedation dentistry method is no less than a blessing for all the people having an anxiety or panic from the name of dental operations, there are several health concerns being raised about this procedure.

One wonders, whether sedation dentistry is safe or not.

The answer to this frequently asked question has been found out by the experts at the most recognized institute for dentistry called the Academy of General Dentistry.

According to these experts, sedation is normally a very safe process and it possesses no health risks in the long run for a normal patient. However, it is necessary for the patients to talk to their dentists about what methods of treatment are required in the sedation process.

Although not every dentist is qualified to administer sedation, most dentists can use nitrous oxide or pills for minimal sedation.

However, it’s important to note that only dental specialists who have completed the Commission on Dental Accreditation (CODA) program can administer general anesthesia.

Sometimes, dentists may take help from an anesthesiologist.

Anesthesia is usually safe when administered by a qualified person. However, it has certain risks, especially for those with sleep apnea. It’s important that you reveal your medical history to your dentist before undergoing anesthesia to avoid future complication.

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