Some Great Orange County Kids Dentist Baby Tooth Tips

By October 5, 2018October 17th, 2018Blog, Pedodontic Services

Our Orange County kids dentist experts are always available to help you and your children put together an excellent oral hygiene routine. In fact, that was the motivation behind putting together these baby tooth tips.

First off, not many parents understand they can actually start cleaning the child’s mouth before any teeth come in. A warm washcloth can be used to massage the gums and get your child used to the idea of having something in their mouth at the same time. Some parents prefer to take a damp piece of gauze and wrap it around their index finger.


First Teeth

Orange County kids dentistIt’s important for mom and dad to look after your child’s first teeth as soon as they come in. Don’t make the mistake of thinking you don’t need to concern yourself with baby teeth because they fall out anyway. These first teeth are significant because they keep spaces and alignments for the permanent teeth that come in later. Not only that, they help your child talk and chew.

Because we are one of the premier Orange County kids dentist facilities, we’ve put together a good template to help your child through their first visit and beyond. For example, our offices are welcoming and friendly so your child will feel comfortable the moment they first walk in the door.



It’s important to remember that your child can get cavities even with baby teeth. You might think you are doing something good by putting your child to bed with some milk or juice, but those are the two leading causes of baby teeth cavities.

Here’s a helpful tip about how to prevent this situation. Most child dentists will tell you that it’s not a good idea to leave a child alone with a bottle for a long period of time.

Baby teeth take time to grow, but once your child has a full set, it’s time to start using toothpaste. A little dab of fluoride toothpaste, about the size of a pea, is all you need to get started. It’s the first step on the road to a good oral hygiene routine your children will love.

Taking good care of your baby’s teeth when they first start coming in is a priority. That way, they’ll always have a healthy smile when they come to visit our Orange County kids dentist.

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