Summer Tooth Cleaning Ideas from Your Family Dentist Orange County

By September 3, 2018September 16th, 2018Blog, Preventative Care Services

It’s very hot these days and people always ask our family dentist Orange County team if there’s anything special they can do when the thermostat goes up to keep their teeth clean.

Here’s a few tips on that subject we hope you enjoy:


Family dentist Orange CountyWatch Those Sugar Filled Summer Drinks

Those sugar filled drinks might be just the thing to quench a summertime thirst but they’re not good for your teeth. Here’s the thing. Sugar attaches itself to the inside of your mouth and your teeth.

Bacteria can build up and become acidic which can lead to tooth decay.

The solution is easier than you might think. We suggest that you limit the intake of sugar by carrying bottled water with you wherever you go. After just a short time, it will become as common as your car keys and wallet to grab some on the fly.


Shop for A New Toothbrush

Summer is also a great time to start shopping for a new toothbrush according to our family dentist Orange County professionals. We also suggest here that it’s not necessary to go after anything fancy or complicated. A soft bristle toothbrush is usually an excellent way to keep your smile in great shape.

It’s always important to have a toothbrush that does its job well. That’s why we have another tip about this important part of your dental care package. Why not mark on your calendar the beginning of each season? That way you can use those dates as a benchmark for buying a new toothbrush.


Revisit Your Flossing Routine

The better weather is also an excellent time to revisit your flossing routine. For example, if you’re not flossing at the present moment or you’ve let your routine slide, now is a great time to pick it up again.

Keep in mind, if you are not flossing at all, you’re not getting to the plaque that can build up between your teeth. Eventually this can cause gum disease down the road. Flossing only takes a few minutes every day. However, it’s one of those preventative measures that pays off in the long run.

If you have any other summer routines that you go through to keep your smile bright and healthy, why not drop us a line? Our family dentist Orange County team is always interested to hear from you.

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