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Laguna Woods Root Canal Laguna Hills

Laguna Woods Root Canal Q&A

By Blog, Endodontic Services

We usually recommend a Laguna Woods root canal when the tooth has become infected or damaged. This is the procedure that you choose to save the tooth rather than having to extract it. The pulp that acts like a tooth’s nerve center is at the center of this kind of…

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Laguna Woods Root Canal Ladera Ranch

Laguna Woods Root Canal Facts

By Blog, Endodontic Services

You need to get all the facts before you have a dental procedure like Laguna Woods root canal. This is the procedure we recommend for an abscess or damaged tooth. A root canal is a much better alternative to an extraction and that’s why we have experts who understand this…

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Children’s Dentistry Laguna Woods

A Few Words On Teachers and Teeth

By Blog, Pedodontic Services

Our Children’s dentistry Laguna Woods services include giving out some free advice to those other very important people in your child’s life, their teachers.  At 7 Day Dental, it’s important to us to make sure each and every child has a well-balanced dental hygiene routine that will last them for…

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