The Earlier the Better

Child Dental Care

Child dental care is important because it determines the health and status of permanent teeth that will grow later. Primary teeth containing decay make permanent teeth prone to infection and decay. Our children dentists at 7 Day Dental in both Anaheim offices can treat decaying baby teeth.

To avoid decay on the permanent teeth, we recommend parents to take their children to get a regular check up with the dentist by the time they are one year of age.

The Earlier, the Better

child dental care

Take your child to a dentist as soon as you see the first temporary teeth appearing. It’s the best time to begin regular dental check up and cleaning because the central incisors are already present on both top and bottom.

Since many children sleep with bottle or nipple in their mouth, bacteria easily accumulate on the gums causing plaque. If a child isn’t provided early dental care, it can easily develop into decay and disturb the growth of permanent teeth.

Our dentists and staff love children. They have received special training to deal with children. Your kids will be at ease when visiting a dentist at 7 Day Dental. During your child’s visit, our child-friendly dentists will also explain the proper way to take care of their teeth and gums. They will also explain the right way to brush teeth when your child reaches the right age.

Our Pediatric Dentists Are Trained To Treat Special Needs of Children

At 7 Day Dental, we employ the best pediatric dentists. A pediatric dentist is uniquely qualified to deal with children oral health. Our dentists use advanced techniques while providing a child-friendly environment.

Pediatric dentists at 7 Day Dental has received 2-3 years of specialized training after four years of dental school. During their special training, they learn to deal with special behavioral aspects of kids. They also learn to use pain-less dentistry techniques that take the pain away from dental surgical procedures.

Tips for good oral hygiene for kids

In addition to taking your kids to regular dental visits, you should also help you kids with the following tips. These will improve their oral health and reduce oral hygiene problems that they would face otherwise.


  • Make sure your children don’t sleep with the bottle or nipple in their mouth.
  • Oral hygiene for children starts even the first teeth haven’t appeared. You should use a soft cloth to clean their gums.
  • Buy a soft toothbrush with a small head when the first teeth appear. Teach your kids how to brush properly.
  • Develop good feeding habits to prevent tooth decay in children.
  • When your kids start eating solid foods, be sure to keep sugary and sticky foods away from them.
  • Inspect your child’s mouth and teeth regularly to identify early signs of decay.
  • Make sure you take your kids to regular dental check up.



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