Thinking of getting a dental implant?

If you have lost teeth and want to replace them, you are not alone. Many Americans get dental implants each year, thanks to great solutions available in the market.

Orange County dental implant

Dental implants are a great way to solve your missing tooth problems. Unlike dentures, dental implants don’t interrupt normal living. You can eat like before without making any click sound. You can speak without implants getting in your way. Similarly, implants don’t damage their neighboring teeth.

You can ask your dentist for dental implants when you have one of the following problems.

  • Dental implants for missing teeth
  • To improve the jaw shape
  • Not ready for dentures
  • Need to improve your speech

Getting tooth implants is a big step towards a healthy smile and improved oral health. But before you ask your dentist for dental implants; be sure to know a few things ahead of time.

Dental exam and treatment plan

Getting dental implants isn’t a quick fix. It’s a lengthy procedure that might require more than one surgery. However, the procedure has long term benefits so that you can smile with confidence.

But before you can undergo this procedure, your dentist will conduct a detailed dental exam.

Your dentist will expose your mouth to X-rays so that he can prepare molds for your mouth. Depending on what X-rays reveal, your dentist will determine the treatment plan, which could include one or more surgeries.

The entire procedure could take anywhere between three to eight months. It includes time to recover, heal, and grow new bone.

During these surgeries, you might have to undergo general or local anesthesia.

It’s important that you tell your doctor about any medical conditions. Your dentist may have to change the treatment plan depending on your medical history and prescription drugs that you have been taking in the past.

The procedure of dental implants

When you choose dental implants to solve a missing teeth or another problem, it’s important that you know the entire procedure since it involves one or more surgical procedures.

During the surgical procedure, your dental surgeon will fuse an artificial tooth to the jawbone. This tooth, made from titanium or another recommended material, replaces the root and the tooth. This invasive procedure requires a week or so for complete recovery.

As soon as you recover from the surgery, your periodontist will add an abutment. Finally, the newly implanted tooth is covered with a crown to ensure it doesn’t break or show signs of wear and tear over time.

A tooth implant is a great implant to dentures and fixed bridges. However, it’s important that you know the kind of commitment it requires from you before you undergo the procedure.


Thinking of Dental Implants - Dr. Chuck Le
Chuck Le, D.D.S.

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