Tips from Your Orange County Emergency Dentist

By October 22, 2018November 15th, 2018Blog, Emergency Dentistry

Our Orange County emergency dentist team is always on the lookout for any trauma that happens to your teeth. As a general rule, we like to recommend you should come and see us right away if you have suffered any kind of accident or mishap that involves your teeth.

You might be in discomfort from chipped, cracked or broken teeth. Every once in a while, you can use a non-prescription pain reliever right after the accident. However, it’s important to make sure you save any broken parts of your teeth to bring into our Orange County emergency dentist.


Several Different Kinds of Injuries

Orange County emergency dentistThere are several different kinds of injuries that are severe enough, you’ll need emergency dental care. Remember that accidents happen at different times of the night or day. There are some dental injuries where you need to be treated immediately. Others can wait until you make an appointment during business hours.

We see different types of damage including knocked out, broken and cracked teeth. These are quite often the result of biting down on hard food or an injury suffered during a sporting event. Sometimes people chip or crack a tooth when they fall or damage their dental work through other types of accidents.


Severe Cracks

Severe cracks where a large chunk of the tooth is missing or there has been some damage to the nerve should be looked at immediately by an Orange County emergency dentist.

If the tooth is knocked completely out, you can try and fit it back in the socket. If that’s not possible, you can keep it in a glass of milk until you can see our Orange County emergency dentist.


Damaged Tooth

We will try our best to save the damaged tooth, but that’s not always possible. When it needs to be extracted, we like to suggest a dental implant to fill the space that’s left. If you don’t fill in that missing spot, your other teeth could shift and cause you further dental issues.

Some of the patients who visit us in our emergency clinic are given medication or antibiotics to help with the pain they are suffering. We always suggest that you should consult with us before taking any over-the-counter pain medication.

Finally, we like to stress that you should always keep up your oral hygiene habits, even after an emergency room visit. Regular checkups are an important part of preventing some kinds of emergencies. Our Orange County emergency dentist team is always at the ready.

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