Top 10 Healthy Teeth for Kids Tricks

By May 18, 2015December 28th, 2018Blog, Pedodontic Services, Preventative Care Services

Anaheim, CA – PRBuzz – When the first baby tooth appears, it’s the time that you start teaching your child how to take care of his or her teeth. However, teaching healthy oral habits to kids could be tough, especially when parents are not ready to answer the questions that their kids have about oral health.

Even when you are willing to reason with your kid about why they should brush their teeth and how it could help them beat cavities, things could get a little tough. The easiest way to put your kids on track to better oral hygiene, follow these simple tips. 7 Day Dental recommends these tricks to parents who need to establish healthy oral habits in their children.


healthy teeth for kids image1- The earlier, the better

The first you need to know as parents about your child’s oral health is that dental problems start early. Many children develop tooth decay before they start school. Many teenagers have cavities. This is often due to delay in establishing strong oral habits for kids.

Dental care for kids starts as soon as their first tooth appears. Parents should clean the gums of their children with a soft cloth and encourage them to brush.

When you kid is two years old, give him or her the brush and them start exploring their teeth. Make sure you supervise while they brush their teeth.


2- Dental sealants could help

Dental sealants do a great job of sealing off trouble. The cavities don’t grow, and the decay doesn’t target the pits and fissures.

Unfortunately, only a few (one in three) kids can get sealants. Talk to your dental professional at 7 Day Dental to know if we have a plan for you that covers dental sealants.


3- Let them brush using a fluoride toothpaste

Fluoride can strengthen tooth enamel and discourage decay. Many types of toothpaste come with fluoride. Using such toothpaste can boost oral health. However, it’s important not to overdo it. Only allow a pint sized dab of toothpaste for each brushing session.

When buying toothpaste for your kids, be sure to allow them to participate. They will love the kid-friendly colored-toothpastes that have many cartoons and colors printed on their boxes to attract children.

You can also buy an electronic toothbrush for your children. This brush operates on a battery and makes it easy for young children to brush.


4- Brush twice a day

Dentists recommend that everyone should brush at least twice a day. Encourage your kids to brush at least twice a day so that they get rid of bacteria and sugar before it does any damage in the mouth. If your child has braces, make sure you buy a special toothbrush for braces. If you can’t find a toothbrush for your kid, talk to your dentist about it. It’s also important to buy a soft toothbrush for children so that they don’t damage their gums while brushing teeth with hard bristles. Remember to replace toothbrush after every three months.


5- Teach them how to floss properly

Brushing is important, but it won’t stop the decay and tooth problems unless you also floss regularly. Since children eat a lot of sticky foods that contain sugar, they need to floss properly to get rid of these foods, often caught in pits.


6- Develop better eating habits

A healthy diet can play a huge role in helping your children maintain their oral health. Make sure they eat a balanced diet that includes all the essential minerals and vitamins. Add Omega-3 fats to their diet as it has been found to help with gum inflammation and to lower the risk of other gum diseases.

While ensuring that your kids enjoy a healthy and a balanced diet, it’s also important to restrict the ‘bad’ food. For young children, sticky and sugary food is ‘bad’ food. It sticks to their teeth, and the excess sugar encourages the bacteria in the mouth to thrive. This could easily lead to tooth decay, along with gum disease.


7- Give them an example to follow

Kids are great at imitating the elders. That’s how they learn the majority of stuff during their early years. If you follow proper dental hygiene, your kids will also want to spend time brushing their teeth. They will feel curious when you floss your teeth. Tell them how this practice is keeping your teeth healthy.

Parents should be serious about following dental routines at home. They should brush twice a day with flossing and visit their dentist regularly. Kids will have a great example to follow.


8- Encourage them to eat teeth friendly food

Your children are always learning. Tell them that some foods might help them with teeth cleaning, so they will have to spend lesser time while brushing their teeth. For example, apple and celery can automatically clean teeth while you are eating them. Moreover, they don’t stick to your teeth, making them teeth-friendly food.


9- Avoid biting on hard food

Sometimes, kids enjoy biting ice cubes and other hard food. Clearly, tell them that it’s unsafe and it can damage their teeth. When biting on hard candies and other similar stuff, children can have cracks appearing in their teeth. These cracks won’t appear in a day, but they will often become visible after years of hard bites.


10- Regular dental visits

Tell your children that visiting their dentist regularly is the key to detect dental problems early. At 7 Day Dental, we have pediatric dentists who enjoy serving the children. These dentists have received years of special training to treat children. They are friendly, and your kids would love to come back for their next dental visit.