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To understand TMJ treatment realize most TMJ/TMD disorders result from bite problems (malocclusion), jaw muscle force imbalances, a jaw bone position misalignment in the jaw joint or a combination of these factors. The condition can develop gradually over time due to clenching or grinding the teeth (bruxism) often as a result of a sleep breathing disorder such as obstructive sleep apnea.

It can also develop gradually due to bone degeneration or dysplasia which takes time to develop. Sudden onset may be triggered by trauma such as a blow to the chin or opening your mouth too wide. It is important to contact our TMJ specialist at our Orange County TMJ treatment office.

There are various options available when it comes to treating TMJ disorders (TMD) and other associated neuro-muscular maladies. Here at 7 Day Dental, our TMJ specialists strictly adhere to the recommendation of the National Institute of Dental and Craniofacial Research (NIDCR). As such, they employ well established physical medicine therapeutic modalities which are non-invasive, reversible methods used to treat TMJ disorders and related symptoms utilizing the TruDenta System to alleviate TMD and providing long-term relief for patients.

TruDenta is a comprehensive treatment system utilized in treating orofacial disorders including TMJ disorders and migraines. At the core of TruDenta is the goal of correcting occlusal (bite), nerve and unbalanced muscle function to alleviate TMJ problems and associated symptoms using non-invasive and pain-free approaches. Trusted by many dental practitioners, TruDenta is a marriage of state-of-the-art assessment process and comprehensive treatment approach; these two things account for its impressive efficacy. The result of this union – long-term solution for patients with TMD and associated issues.

Diagnostic Process

Given the complexity of TMJ disorders, proper diagnosis is the essential first step prior to treatment. This is why a systematic diagnostic process is utilized to diagnose if a problem exists as well as to determine the root cause of the problem.

Typically, here at 7 Day Dental, the first visit involves a thorough examination which includes an in-depth discussion about your medical and dental history. You may be asked to fill out a questionnaire to know more about your symptoms and head/pain history.

A clinical examination of your oral cavity, head and neck as well as your TMJ will be done. This includes measuring your mandibular range of motion. The test measures how wide you can open your mouth and how far you can move your lower jaw from right to left and maximum protrusion. Deviations, specific abnormalities or decrease in your range of motion, are noted.

A myofascial muscle palpitation exam, which involves pressing on the muscles and joints to check for pain, swelling and/or tenderness is also performed. The goal of this exam is to pinpoint trigger points or spots with painful muscles. The spot may be painful when touched and may cause referred pain, or pain in other locations. A trigger point may either be active or latent. Active trigger points cause discomfort or pain; latent trigger points cause stiffness or limited movement.

X-ray radiographs or cone beam CT scans are taken to determine if there are any boney changes such as osteoarthritis or dysplasias that may be present. In some cases, an MRI may be needed to evaluate soft tissue abnormalities such as internal disc displacement or derangement.

To further ensure accurate diagnosis, we conduct other tests using state-of-the-art technology. One of the tests performed is the Range Of Motion Analysis. With the Range Of Motion Analysis, we are able to determine if your head and neck movement is at par with that of healthy people.

Basically, the aforementioned diagnostic procedures provide us with accurate details about your condition. The information gathered enables us to make a more personalized and focused treatment plan and achieve successful results.

In addition to a Range Of Motion Analysis, we also conduct a Bite Force Analysis. Using TruDenta’s T-Scan technology, details about the different forces at work in your mouth when you bite down are collected. Then, from the information gathered, a 3D map of the bite forces and tooth contacts are created. The map allows us to see how these forces are distributed and the timing of the contact between specific teeth. Most importantly, it enables us to accurately determine and find imbalances in your bite.

TMJ Treatment Process

Once the assessment is accomplished, we develop a treatment plan. We know that each patient with TMJ disorder is different. Hence, we don’t have an “off-the-rack” treatment plan for TMD. We personalize each plan to ensure that we truly help our patients achieve a lasting solution to their malady. Once the plan is done, the actual treatment process commences.

7 Day Dental TruDenta Specialists

In-Office TMJ Treatments:

The TruDenta System involves in-office treatments wherein state-of-the-art technologies are used such as ultrasound, micro-current and cold laser therapies.

Therapeutic Ultrasound Treatment: As it increases blood flow and provides gentle heat, this treatment stimulates circulation in chronically sore and strained muscles. Moreover, deep adhesions and scar tissues are broken by the targeted sound waves.

Micro-current Stimulation Therapy: This therapy facilitates nerve stimulation. It also reduces muscle spasms and lactic acid build-up. Cold Laser Therapy: Its purpose is to reduce inflammation and pain.

It is used to accelerate the healing of the joint and muscle tissue while aiding in the rebuilding of natural nerve function. Procedures using the aforementioned types of hi-tech equipment are non-invasive and pain-free. Moreover, the TruDenta System is also drug-free, meaning you wouldn’t have to worry about dealing with the side-effects of taking medication.

Aside from the ultrasound, micro-current stimulation and cold laser therapies, another therapy included in the TruDenta treatment process is the Trigger Point Therapy. This addresses latent and active trigger points.

The goal of this therapy is to manually break up muscle knots through muscle manipulation and increase blood flow to eradicate inflammation and thereby, reduce or eliminate pain and tension in the trigger points.

At-Home Continuing Care Program:

In addition to the in-house treatment, TruDenta System includes an at-home continuing care program. Patients are provided with home care kit containing a relaxation CD and orthotic splint among others.

The at-home continuing care program includes neck and mouth exercises as well as a micro-current device which helps in relieving and managing chronic pain. As part of the treatment, most cases require the use of a rehabilitation orthotic.

The orthotic is an oral appliance which is worn at least every night while sleeping and possibly even more.

This is done to determine to what extent the lower jaw position is being determined by the teeth (bite) versus the jaw positioning muscles and jaw joint anatomy.

The entire treatment process may last for four to twelve sessions. It is important to note, however, that the duration varies depending on the severity of the problem and the patient’s response to the treatment. There are cases wherein the problem gets resolved in just four sessions; there are also those which take more time.

This is not unusual given the complexity of TMJ disorders.

Lastly, patient compliance also significantly affects the treatment process. Hence, it is extremely important for patients to cooperate and strictly follow instructions given to them, especially for the at-home continuing care program.

TruDenta is undeniably a revolutionary treatment approach for TMJ disorders and other associated issues like migraines. Be cautioned though, reaping the full benefits of this treatment system isn’t possible without the help of TruDenta specialists.

TruDenta specialists are dentists who are knowledgeable about and trained in the TruDenta assessment and treatment processes. These are dentists who can deliver the desired results using the TruDenta System.

Suffice it to say, TruDenta specialists are the ones who can truly alleviate TMJ disorders, migraines and other related issues.

We are proud to say that 7 Day Dental has TruDenta specialists who are trusted by numerous residents in the Orange County area.

So, to know if TruDenta is right for you or to rid yourself of the pain associated with TMJ disorders, let our reputable TruDenta dentists help you! Call us now for TMJ treatment in Orange County!

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