The Truth About Anaheim Endodontics

By January 16, 2017August 12th, 2018Blog, Endodontic Services

If you ask around or read about it on the Internet, you’ll see there’s lots of misinformation about root canal therapy. If you have a severe toothache, it’s probably true that you can use the services of our Anaheim endodontics professionals. If you have some misgivings about saving a tooth through our root canal procedure, we encourage you to read on and we will dispel any misgivings you have one by one.


  • Some people mistakenly believe that root canal is painful. The reality is nothing could be further from the truth. With modern anesthetics and technologies most people who go through any kind of Anaheim endodontic treatments report that it’s no more uncomfortable than having a filling done. Think about the procedure this way. The pain in your tooth that sends you to our professionals in the first place is more than likely the result of damaged tissue which we can remove.
  • There is another myth that getting a root canal treatment can actually cause other illnesses and that’s just another falsehood we’d like to expose. Unfortunately, many people read things on the Internet and think they are true when in fact they aren’t. The long defunct science that drew a link between endodontics and disease was done almost a century ago in the 1920s. It has long since been proven to be poorly designed and not valid.

You should also keep in mind that our Anaheim endodontic treatments here at 7 Day Dental start with a thorough consultation process. The entire evaluation also includes a diagnosis so that we can tailor make your particular needs to a treatment that will work best for you. If you take a few short minutes to read the information on our website, you’ll see that the root canal therapy we describe there is a quick comfortable procedure.

Here’s another one of the myths about root canal that we can help you debunk once and for all.


Extraction is a good alternative to root canal

This is another tale that we can file in the farthest thing from the truth category. Each and every one of the dentists that work with us will tell you that saving your natural teeth is always the preferred course of action. Please remember that endodontic treatments generally last a lifetime and you can enjoy all of your favorite foods once the procedure is finished.

If you do happen to opt for an extraction, please keep in mind that once a tooth is extracted, it will start causing problems. We’ve a compiled a list for you to take a look at what happens when a tooth goes missing.

  • The other teeth will start shifting
  • Bone loss around the area with the missing tooth
  • Hyper Eruption of the opposing tooth; due to the missing tooth, the opposite tooth will eventually fall out.