UCLA Researchers About Their New Innovative Saliva Test Creation

By January 3, 2015December 31st, 2018Blog

Anaheim, CA – PR Buzz – UCLA researchers have once again made news around the globe, as they are currently working on a one-of-a-kind saliva test that is said to have the ability of diagnosing several serious health conditions, such as cancer and diabetes, in manner that will be very comfortable to a patient…due to its simplicity.

Innovative Saliva Test CreationThis unique and revolutionary test already appears very promising in diagnosing gastric cancers and type 2 diabetes. Although it has not been made official by UCLA, it might also be of great help in diagnosing autoimmune diseases and neurological disorders.

According to the study these wise researchers conducted, saliva has numerous of disease-indicating molecules that become visible in the blood. In order to analyze 165 million genetic arrangements, UCLA researchers utilized bioinformatics and genomics.

Over the years, a lot of forms of RNA have been discovered, but a circular form was just recently uncovered, which might greatly serve to provide security for microRNAs. The UCLA researchers were able to conclude that a small class of piwi-interacting RNAs (produced by germ cells, skin cells, and stem cells) can be found in saliva.

Saliva definitely withholds the power to discover a variety of different things, such as one’s ancestry lineage, and now, it can diagnose diseases in a very simple and easy way. UCLA researchers still need to conduct detailed studies on this buzz-worthy test in order to know the functions of different RNAs and understand the impact that they might have on testing.

Once this testing is completed, it will take a short period of time until we see dentists utilizing this innovative test–of rapid action–in order to diagnose diseases on all of their patients, which is a gift sent from heaven for those individuals who strongly dislike undergoing different medical tests to know if everything is going well with their internal system.

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