Understanding Orange County Oral Surgery

We have the experience to diagnose certain conditions that need Orange County oral surgery. Generally, conditions with your tissues and bones in the face including your jaws and teeth are included here. If you are suffering from pain in any of these areas, you’ll need to consult with a maxillofacial surgery expert.  

That’s another name for this kind of dental procedure. These specialists have thorough knowledge about the jaws and teeth and the soft tissues of your face. The surgeons have advanced training and certifications to perform specific procedures to restore your health.

When You Need Orange County Oral Surgery

Most of the work oral surgeons do looks after problems within the mouth. There are a few common procedures we see more than others. These include:

  • Dental Crowns: These are a perfect solution if your tooth gets damaged but it can be saved. If you need a root canal, have a broken tooth or need a large filling, dental crowns are the way to go. Basically, these are a cover that goes over the damaged part of the tooth. 
  • Dentures: Your dentures need to fit properly to be effective. It’s another area where Orange County oral surgery comes into play. The reason is simple. Your jaw, gum and the denture must all fit together so you are comfortable. There are several scenarios where oral surgery might be needed. For example, some people have bone ridges that will not support this type of appliance. That’s where this type of treatment can help prepare your mouth for your dentures.
  • Wisdom Teeth: Some of the treatments where this procedure is necessary are more familiar than others. If your wisdom teeth get impacted, they need to be taken out. We all have four wisdom teeth at the back of our mouth. Some of them don’t have room to grow in properly. Having them removed when they are impacted prevents infection, pain and some other types of dental problems.

There are some red flags telling when to see an oral surgeon. If your teeth are sensitive to temperatures like hot and cold, you should book an appointment. Do you have gums that bleed or are puffy when you floss or brush? How about persistent bad breath?

If you’re suffering from any of these symptoms, come in for a consultation about Orange County oral surgery today. We are always glad to hear from existing or new patients.

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