What Seniors Need to Know About Orange County Orthodontics and Dry Mouth

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There are many benefits associated with Orange County orthodontics. Braces will make it easier to chew your food and clean your teeth. Invisible aligners will reduce the chances of gum disease too. 

Older folks are looking to orthodontics these days. They’re hoping to keep a bright smile that’s healthy too. They need to keep an eye our for other issues besides crowding. Dry mouth is nothing to scoff at. 

Here’s a few things seniors who are looking at Orange County orthodontics need to know. 

Why It Matters 

Orange County OrthodonticsThe fancy word for dry mouth is Xerostomia. It’s not really important you know that. But you should know that this condition is caused when you’re not producing enough saliva.

Left untreated, dry mouth can be responsible for a whole bunch of different issues. Like difficulty swallowing or speaking and even bacterial infections.

We offer a comprehensive treatment plan. It involves identifying any problems and correcting them. Seniors coming in looking for Orange County orthodontics often need their permanent teeth aligned. Remember, there’s no reason to lose those original molars if you look after them properly.

Knowing all you can about dry mouth is an important part of that.

The Causes 

Heading dry mouth off at the pass is an excellent idea. It stands to reason that if you can avoid this situation you won’t need to treat it. Older people need to take medications. Unfortunately, some of these can cause this issue. If you’re taking antihistamines, sedatives or painkillers, come in to talk to us.

Likewise for some medicines that treat anxiety and hypertension or obesity and diabetes. When we know what you’re taking, we will be able to put together a treatment plan for Orange County orthodontics that works.

The Symptoms 

You might think the name says it all when it comes to symptoms. But there are a few specifics you need to know about.

  • Like constant bad breath, cavities or even gingivitis.
  • Constant thirst can mean you’re suffering from dry mouth. Especially if it comes back right after you drink a glass of water.
  • A tongue that looks red, shiny or even bumpy.
  • Blistering and cracking around your lips.

What You Can Do 

There’s a few DYI solutions that can help you combat dry mouth. Like drinking more water and buying a humidifier.  

Got questions about dry mouth and Orange County orthodontics? We’re happy to answer them. 

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