Whitening Teeth with Fruit Mix is Simple and Inexpensive, but will It Work?

By January 23, 2015Blog, Cosmetic Dentistry

Anaheim, CA – PRBuzz – Researchers are always looking to improve dentistry. There are many teeth-whitening ideas, systems, and products including whitening toothpastes, over-the-counter gels, rinses, strips, trays, obtained from a dentist and even do-it-yourself remedies such as a homemade mix of strawberries with baking soda. Whitening teeth with fruit mix is simple and inexpensive, but will it work?

Does it work?

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The researcher, associate professor So Ran Kwon, observed the strawberry and baking soda system didn’t whiten teeth, in addition to taking away superficial particles. “The only benefit of this DIY system, a mix of strawberries and baking soda, is when it appears for making your enamel seem whiter, they appear whiter since you’re just taking away plaque accumulation on your tooth,” states Kwon.

“You really need to have something that penetrates into your teeth to break down the stain molecules. Without that, you obtain just the superficial, and not the whitening from your inside of, which was what you really want.”

What did experiments show?

In her experiments, Kwon rubbed a combination of organically grown strawberries and baking soda on 20 newly extracted teeth for 5 minutes with a delicate brushing after which she repeated this three times during ten times — as any whitening experts would recommend. Her result: The teeth brushing using the combination of strawberry-baking soda showed no serious whitening, determined by two well-known color-measurement checks and evaluations with a spectrophotometer, Kwon experiences.

Results of other teeth-whitening treatments

A few other groups of twenty extracted teeth were being subjected to other teeth-whitening treatments — simulation of dentist’s teeth whitening, an approved tooth-whitening routine and whitening strips. All developed discernible whitening during the instrumental and observational assessments.

Why strawberries fail so badly when it comes to teeth whitening?

The most crucial reason why strawberries will not operate as teeth whiteners is their chemistry. They are completely lacking in hydrogen peroxide and carbamide peroxide, vital components in tooth-whitening products, based on the American Dental Association.

The strawberry-baking soda treatment had one more downside: The mixture decreased the surface area hardness of tooth, regarded as microhardness, as much as 10 percent, due to the erosive influence of citric acid from the fruit. “These acids are not whitening agents,” claims Kwon, who done the experiments though at Loma Linda College in CA.

Teeth whitening at the dentist office is a simple, non-invasive dental procedure and an ideal way to improve the beauty of your smile.