You’re A Real Top Gun With Our Ladera Ranch Cosmetic Dentistry Services

By December 7, 2016August 12th, 2018Blog, Cosmetic Dentistry

By now it’s no surprise if you follow the movie or music industry that many of your favorite celebrities use a lot of cosmetic surgery to make themselves look younger. However, what you might not be so familiar with is the fact that these same folks whose careers you follow also take advantage of cosmetic dentistry techniques.

Ladera Ranch Cosmetic Dentistry Services Orange CountyHere’s a few of the faces you’ll recognize attached to the smiles you love:

  • The star of some of your favorite movies like Risky Business and Top Gun has one of the best smiles in the movie business. If you stop and think about it, it’s probably no surprise that Tom Cruise has taken advantage of what cosmetic dentistry can do for you. This is just one of the famous actors that understood how important it is to have a great smile and how attractive it makes you look. He had his procedures done early in his career and has never looked back.


While we can’t guarantee you success in Hollywood, our Ladera Ranch cosmetic dentistry practice can put some innovative techniques at your disposal that will have you smiling and feeling good about yourself even if you’re not a movie star. While we have a variety of different possibilities for you to choose from, our veneers are just the thing to undo the damage of discolored teeth. Because they are made of porcelain, they look just like the real thing.

  • The people in the entertainment industry taking advantage of cosmetic dentistry aren’t just in the movie business. We all know how much music makes us happy and want to smile and maybe that’s why Australian country singer Keith Urban decided to fix the gap between his two front teeth when his career was just taking off.
  • There are other celebrities who have had their teeth fixed for more obvious reasons. When you hear that Mike Tyson is a champion of cosmetic dentistry, that’s no real surprise for many people. The most recent pictures of the boxing legend show his new veneers that have replaced some of the gold teeth he favored earlier on.


You don’t need to be a movie star or rich to be our number one priority here at 7 Day Dental. Whether you’re looking for teeth whitening, internal bleaching or any one of a number of the other Ladera Ranch cosmetic dentistry services we offer, we want you to know the latest in innovation is always close by.